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Esperanto Blog: Where to begin?

_jer...@infowells.com_ ( writes:

Hi Amikema!
Thanks for your posts. I must totally agree that "Immersion is the key to
mastering any language!"
I have built up a wonderful collection of learning books in Esperanto, and
I have worked my way through some of them. Also books of non-fiction and
I cannot take credit for that blog entry. It was copied from:

Yesterday I finally picked up a TV and DVD/VHS player attachment, so I can
start viewing a small collection of DVDs and VHS tapes.

I would guess I am at an "advanced" beginner stage, or possibly
intermediate. So I am going to check out your sources of materials given below. I am
especially look for DVD disks on or about Esperanto, to help in the
learning process.

Even though I am almost 68, I am still working almost full time. But I am
trying to organize my time more now for learning Esperanto and getting
active in writing. (I am a member of UEA and Esperanto-us organizations, and
now subscribe to Komencanto from Russia, so I have plenty of materials to
read. Also several dictionaries, etc.)

I remember seeing on the bookstore listing of Esperanto-us an inexpensive
DVD that was ABOUT Esperanto, which looks very interesting to pass to
I think you are referring to Esperanto Elektronike. Our libroservo should
still have it, but I believe they are in the process of relocating the
central office right now.

I would like any recommendations of any DVD disks that perhaps be at an
intermediate level that would promote verbal training in listening and
speaking Esperanto. Also complete Esperanto course(s) on DVD would be of

Eventually I would like to be able to translate from my own (or other
person's writings) from English into Esperanto. There are more difficulties
involved, and I have one on "Colloquial Esperanto" which I look forward to
going through.
Are you aware of the translation site _www.traduku.net_
( ?

I want also to see about learning to teach Esperanto and I think there is
an international organization for that, with appropriate educational
materials for teaching available.
The organization is called _www.Springboard2Languages.org_
( I have a full set of their materials. I also have
an updated version on the Esperanto teacher Handbook, which I can send to
you, if you are interested.

Anyway, I want to thank you for your emails in English and Esperanto.
Ne dankinde, kara. Estas mia plezuro helpi vin.

Thank you,
Jerry Wells
_jer...@infowells.com_ (
Santa Monica, California

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