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Pardonu min sed mi ne sxatas la interretajn mallongigojn.
bone certe mi ne sxatas mallongigojn neniam.
Amike Denice.

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Date: 2009/7/9
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Internet Contractions and Abbreviations

Posted: 20 Jun 2009 01:10 PM PDT

Since I’m a student of English, I typically bemoan the decline of proper grammar due to Internet chatrooms and instant-message programs. However, when brevity is imperative, I can see how a few bits of contractions or abbreviations may be appropriate. There are a few commonplace contractions in Esperanto that you might encounter during casual online interaction, and so I thought it might be useful to discuss some of them here. I’ve only run into a few of them in my experiences, so feel free to comment with any of yours if you think they might be useful!

espo = Esperanto, the language we all know and love
stas/stis/stos/stus/stu/sti = All the various conjugations of “esti”
sxli = “Sxi/Li,” for when “they” is not gender-neutral enough
sal/sa = Abbreviation of “saluton,” for hello
salugxis = A merging of “saluton” and “gxis la revido,” somewhat like the Hawaiian “aloha”

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