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Posted: 07 Aug 2009 11:47 AM PDT
I foresee a day when universities across the globe will offer “Esperanto
Studies” as a major field of research. We’re still a ways off right now -
so far, I know of no US universities that offer an Esperanto degree, and
only _NASK_ ( seems to provide any college credit
for advanced Esperanto study. However, that certainly does not mean
Esperanto is forgotten in the academic realm!
Today I discovered another article for your viewing pleasure, entitled _“
Esperanto Studies: An Overview.”_ (
After reading it, I realize what a broad and fulfulling discipline
Esperanto studies could be. As a combination of history, linguistics, literature,
and philosophy, such a field could have almost no ceiling! Until it finally
surfaces, I think two trends must continue. First, the Esperanto community
needs to produce material worth studying; secondly, what already exists in
Esperanto should be more fully examined through works like the
aforementioned overview. Who knows - maybe we will see it enter the academic canon
within the next few decades! Wishful thinking, I know…
Also, don’t forget to take a gander at the article’s _parent directory,
Esperanto Documents_ ( , for some
further readings.
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