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Esperanto Blog: Stay Cool!

Stay Cool!_ (http://www.transparent.com/esperanto/2009/07/16/stay-cool/)
Posted: 16 Jul 2009 12:23 PM PDT

Finfine, la plej varmega tago de la somero alvenas! After a month of cold
and rain, my part of the country is experiencing its first stretch of
remotely hot weather. How well nature makes up for lost time! Where I am, it’s
hot, it’s humid, and it leaves most people reaching for something to help
cool them down.

Since complaints about the heat might find their way into your summer
conversations, today’s post compiles a list of some useful words that could help
you cool down. I’ve focused on mechanical means, because I wanted to show
the ways Esperanto helps differentiate between functionally similar
devices. Enjoy, and stay cool!
Klimatizilo - Air conditioner (tool for climatizing)
Ventumilo - Fan (tool for wind)
Fridujo - Refrigerator (cold container)
Frostigilo - Freezer (tool for freezing)

Another relevant tool might be a “dehumidifier,” a device used to remove
the humidity from the air in your room. I haven’t yet found an exact
Esperanto equivalent, but I was thinking something along the lines of “
malhumidigilo” might work. If you have any words to include in this list, feel free
to share them!

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