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Esperanto Blog: Esperanto and Horror Fiction

Esperanto and Horror Fiction_

Posted: 20 Oct 2009 04:22 PM PDT

Since Halloween approaches, a friend of mine asked me to write a critical
essay of the horror genre. It’s still in the works, but I’ve done a bit,
including something on the film Inkubo. Here’s an adapted snippet of it that’
s pretty relevant to our continued discussion of Esperanto.
You might remember a post some months ago where we discussed _Inkubo_
( as an example of Esperanto
cinema. For those of you who missed it, Inkubo is a black-and-white horror
film starring, of all people, William Shatner. The entire movie is spoken in
Esperanto. While the use of Esperanto makes the film far more interesting
for Esperantists, I’ve been thinking recently that using the language could
be useful for the horror genre as a whole. Allow me to explain.
Two goals were met in Inkubo by using Esperanto. For one, since many
audiences would neither have heard nor spoken Esperanto, the presence of the
language creates an uncomfortable, even otherworldly, feeling. The language is
left a mystery to these audiences, and as such, the film becomes much more
terrifying for lack of understanding. Secondly, the general
incomprehensibility for these audiences would help establish the point that, in a true
horror tale, language and dialogue are merely ancillary to the horror at
hand. The spectacle of terror that film presents is the important aspect.
If we subscribe to either of the two aforementioned goals, I can foresee
plenty of uses for Esperanto in horror fiction. Once the language catches on,
the incomprehensibility idea will dissipate. However, using Esperanto
would be thematically effective. If a horror film in Esperanto is presented to
an Esperanto-speaking (or at least understanding) audience, the horrors
therein can be said to be as universal as the language. True horror, I
imagine, would be a terror that transcends all linguistic and cultural barriers -
much like Esperanto. As such, a film with Esperanto at the helm could
result in a greatly enhanced horror effect.
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