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Translation Tool - Traduku_
Posted:  28 Oct 2009 06:09 PM PDT
Since I’m usually averse to Internet translations, I’ve been somewhat  
reluctant to mention a tool called _Traduku_ ( . If you’ve
ever had experience with  _Babelfish_ ( , it
functions much like  the (in)famous web translator. Insert some text, or a URL,
into the  appropriate field, click a button for the desired language, and
check the  results. The page where it translates for you has a neat feature
where you  can run your mouse over the given text for a list of synonyms or
other  possible translations.
After playing with a few sentences, I’m not entirely disappointed with  
Traduku. Like all translation tools, however, I strongly caution you to  
proofread what it gives you…Who knows what its algorithm might be giving  you!
Here are a few sample translations of sentences I tried, so you can  judge for
yourself. Of course, a firsthand check might be the best course  of action!
“I doubt that this works.” - “Mi dubas ke ĉi tiu  labor.” (Probably
should be “laboras,” or  “laborus.”)
“Do you mind if I test?” - “Ĉu vi  permes-as, ke mi ..u testas?”
(Interesting hyphenation  there.)
“Splendid.” - “Grandioza.” (One-word  translations seem more reliable.)
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