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Granda Listo de Gastig-Servoj

neil_nac...@yahoo.com_ (mailto:neil_nac...@yahoo.com) writes:

Cxar mi kredas ke Cyril kaj Rosa kaj aliaj el ni foje vojagxas/biciklas
ekster kie Esperanto plej utilas mi sendas la liston de aliaj servoj, iom
konkurencaj al Pasporta Servo, sed eventuale mi volas vidi ilin kiel partneroj
al Esperanto (Mi iam prelegis pri Esperanto cxe internacia konveno de
SERVAS-2007 en San Diego). Mi ne kontrolis kiom gxisdata gxi estas. La au'toro
diras ke li laste zorgis pri akurateco antau' kelkaj jaroj.
Hospitality Clubs
What follows is a list of hospitality clubs. These are clubs whose main
aim it is to bring travellers and hosts together, providing a form of
cultural exchange. Be warned, no-one involved in a hospitality club is running a
hotel or accomodation service. If you're just looking for a cheap place to
stay, reconsider. If you're looking to meet people and to share some time
and energy with them then delve into these clubs.
A proliferation of these clubs has appeared on the interent and I've found
myself unable to keep track of them. Alas, it seems to me that this rapid
duplication of services, which was already evident in some of the clubs
I've listed below, is driven by the simple need for a gimmicky idea with which
to generate a site which has traffic and visitors and hence an advertising
pool. I would quite frankly, recommend anyone interested in the idea, to
focus on the better of the groups I've presented here. For on-line use, you
should check the _dmoz list_
(http://dmoz.org/Recreation/Travel/Budget_Travel/Hospitality_Clubs/) of Hospitality Clubs as well!
This list was compiled and was maintained by _Bernd Wechner_
(http://bernd.wechner.info/) . It is one of a set of similar lists which can be found on
the World Wide Web at:

_http://bernd.wechner.info/Travel_ (http://bernd.wechner.info/Travel)

This list was last updated on 10/24/2005 18:16:39
PLEASE NOTE: These lists are dated. I ran out of time to maintain them
years ago. I make no pretense of being able to do so into the future. They
were a nice idea and popularly received and I leave it on line for historic
reasons mainly. Do not expect it to be accurate or relevant today. You may
still of course find some pertinent ideas and tips in them if you're lucky.
DO NOT send me a request to exchange links.
Finally, I regularly receive questions regarding these lists, usually for
more information. It is very unlikely that I have more information, and
such requests unfortunately are a low priority in my mailbox. That's life.

The Hitch-hiker's Registry
In January of 1998 I wrote _an article suggesting a hospitality club for
and by hitch-hikers would be a good idea_
(http://www.suite101.com/articles/article.cfm/4164) , as they have special needs and characters and tend to
understand each other well. Around the same time a groupd of hitch-hikers in
Eastern Europe were deciding to do just that (independent of my article,
now that's synchronicity for you), and built an email based hospitality club.
In 2000 it went onto the web, and is easily the best of its class. It
provide all levels of membership, and security as well as email notification,
database download features, user statistics, grouping, felxible search,
full access to data on approval, heck if you can think of a feature this site
doesn't have, they'll add it!. This sets the technical standard for on-line
hospitality clubs! The only problem is, it's full of hitch-hikers, so if
you don't like hitch-hikers you're better off in another club (even though
they're not as good ;-).
_http://alumni.aitec.edu.au/HHB_ (http://alumni.aitec.edu.au/HHB)


A hospitality club founded on the internet, as an alternative to SERVAS
which the creators of HOSPEX (Servas members) fealt was too heavily abused as
a free hotel service. Mostly American then European members, with a fairly
thin spread of members elsewhere. Membership is free, though registration
as a host is required to access the database as a guest. Alas, because the
moderators have lives to lead, and earn no money through HOSPEX, it is very
very slow and dormant to be frank. Trying to get a response out of anyone
involved is not easy. The interface predates the web, and is fundamentally
driven by a listserver, but still, they can be found on the Web at:

_http://hospex.org.pl/_ (http://hospex.org.pl/)

Stay 4 Free
These guys claimed at first to be the first such club ever and promised to
revise it to read "first on the web" in response to my mention of their
error, but of course, given that HOSPEX has been around for some 7 years
(since 1991) and is still around (if rather dormant), their claims are a little
on the shady side of true. Further, two years later they still claim to be
"the first free accommodation network". I don't hold much respect for
commerical liers, nor unfilled promises, so I have to open with big thumbs
down. Still, they have a very professional site as far as graphics and
presentation go, and it looks good to be frank and they offer four catgories of
hosting Business, Home Exchange, Gay and Backpackers. I wish I could say
more. I find their database painful to search, they provide no clue as to how
many members they have or how fast they are aquiring them, and their name
alas, for my liking engenders all the wrong approaches to hospitality
exchanges, namely the financial and not the social. Read the notes under Servas
below. This is a purely on-line service as far as I can tell. Membership is

_http://www.stay4free.com/_ (http://www.stay4free.com/)

International Hospitality Exchange

This club has over 2000 members worldwide. Which is about all I can say
for it. It's on-line only, and driven by rather poor software alas. Security
and features are about as low as you can get, and frankly it looks like a
quick attempt to justify some banner advertising. I'd stay clear of the
International Hospitality Exchange personally, as much as I hate delivering a
bad review.
_http://www.travelhoo.com/_ (http://www.travelhoo.com/)


Perhaps the largest and most organised group. Conceived in Denmark in 1948
and growing steadily since. A healthy international membership. Affiliated
with the United Nations. Host and guest membership fees seem to depend
upon which country you're in. But there is generally a refundable deposit on
the host lists on top of membership fees (if any). Be warned; SERVAS is NOT
a travel club, it is a peace organisation, and increasingly its members
are losing patience with guests who see it as a free hotel service, which is
hardly furthering its goals very much. Try not to contribute to this
problem, and please lean towards other groups on this list if you more interested
in a cheap place to stay while globetrotting than you are in furthing
international tolerance and understanding. Which is probably doing those other
groups a disservice also! Servas has appeared on the web in many places and
it's not worth my while to provide a directory of pages here. Any _search
engine_ (http://www.metacrawler.com/) with the key word SERVAS will turn
up a number of home pages.
11 John Street, Room 706, NY NY 10038, USA
229 Hillcrest Avenue, Willowdale, Ontario M2N 3P3, CANADA
333 Albion Street, Brunswick 3056, AUSTRALIA
Rhoenstrasse 70, 60385 Frankfurt, GERMANY

Hospitality Exchange (A Traveler's Directory)

An American group somewhat smaller than SERVAS and less formal. Mostly
American then European members, with a fairly thin spread of members
elsewhere. A nominal fee ($20 per annum) covers both host and guest membership. They
also went on-line, but the directory is only available on paper. Frankly
clubs like this are doomed given the free electronic alternatives, but this
is one of the oldest, and reputable of them.
P.O. Box 561
Lewistown, Montana 59457 USA
Ph. 406-538-8770
Email. _hospitalit...@hotmail.com_

The World For Free

Another hospitality club with an Internet link though the member lists are
available on paper only!. This one was brought into being by a touring
musician, who subsequenty interested many of friends in the idea. So there are
many musicians and artists in the club. But that's not a restiction by any
means. The name alas, for my liking engenders all the wrong approaches to
hospitality exchanges, namely the financial and not the social. Read the
notes under Servas above. These guys have the audacity to ask $25 membership
fee when their competitors (above) are free. That's probably going to
change and is only the case becuase they exist as a little booklet like many of
the clubs below and have printing and mailing costs, where the clubs above
are purely electronic and you carry your own printing costs.
PO Box 137 Prince Street Sta.
New York, NY 10012
email: _mqb8...@acfcluster.nyu.edu_
Fax. 212 979-8167


The American Field Service (AFS) describes themselves as "an
international, voluntary, non-governmental non-profit organization that provides
intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills,
and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world." The
AFSHN is an informal Hospitality Network for AFS members.
AFS: _http://www.afs.org/_ (http://www.afs.org/) AFSHN:
Or contact:
Veit Kühne
Breslauerstrasse 5
37412 Herzberg
Tel.: +49-5521-3256
Fax : +49-261-6509 111 ==>To: Veit Kühne
email: _vkue...@WHU-Koblenz.de_
homepage: _http://www.kuehne.org/veit_ (http://www.kuehne.org/veit)

The Friendship Force

A citizen exchange group formed by President Carter in 1977. Organises one
week exchanges between the 40 odd member countries for cultural exchange.
They have clubs in over 350 communities world-wide.
_http://www.friendship-force.org/_ (http://www.friendship-force.org/)
34 Peachtree Street
Suite 900
Atlanta, GA 30303
Ph. 404-522-9490
Fax. 404-688-6148
Email. _...@friendship-force.org_


MENSA is the international organisation for smart folk. High IQs only
here.They have many special interest groups and one is SIGHT, the Service of
Information, Guidance & Hospitality to Travellers. "It is a network of
Mensans around the world who want to meet other Mensans. Some travel to do so;
others welcome travelling Mensans into their homes.The SIGHT network aims to
look after both hosts and guests, providing each party with the information
to enable them to be considerate and helpful to each other. The SIGHT
co-ordinator will put an intending visitor in touch with a fellow member
willing to provide accommodation in the destination country, having first
written to the host and the guest to confirm arrangements. It is important to
note that SIGHT exists only to promote leisure travel and tourism for Mensans
and is not an immigration agency, nor a source of long-term or permanent
accommodation." YOu need to join Mensa first, and you'll find all details on
their web site.
_http://www.mensa.org/_ (http://www.mensa.org/)
Footnote: I've never been real fond of the idea of a club for smarties.
Always struck me as a little aloof, exclusive, and pretentious. I have kept
my distance on those grounds alone, though I'm sure it's full of wonderful
folk all the same. Still I had to laugh out loud, to find a public web site
(to which I won't point you for discretion's sake) which lists all of the
international SIGHT coordinators and is headed: "WARNING: This list is for
the use of Mensa members only. If you are not a member, please go away
quietly". Is that smart? Or what? Maybe the club's not so exclusive after all?

The Globetrotter's Club

A travel club, which publishes a list of members, many of which are
prepared to host fellow members. See the _Travel Clubs_
(http://bernd.wechner.info/Travel/Lists/TravelClubs.html#GlobeTrotters) list for more information.
Ambassador Exchange Travel and Hospitality Club

A travel club, which focuses strongly on contact and hospitality
exchanges. See the _Travel Clubs_
(http://bernd.wechner.info/Travel/Lists/TravelClubs.html#AmEx) list for more information.
Rotaract International

A truly international youth group which among many other things, also
organises cultural exchange and contacts. Supported by the international
community service group Rotary International.
One Rotary Centre
1560 Sherman Avenue
Evanston, Illinois 60201
The only Rotaract group on the web so far as I know, can be found at:
_http://www.rotaract.org.sg/_ (http://www.rotaract.org.sg/)

WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms)

WWOOF is an exchange group. You get a place to stay and something to eat
in return for your help in managing an organic farm or smallholding. Stay
for a weekend, or a month whatever you work out with your hosts! Membership
is very cheap, and you get a list of member farms in return.

_http://www.wwoof.org/_ (http://www.wwoof.org/)

Lots of member groups to choose from (these addresses may be dated, check
the WWOOF websit if you can):
Mt Murrindal Reserve, W. Tree, Via Buchan 3885, AUSTRALIA
19 Bradford Road, Lewes BN17 1RB, Sussex, UK
Stettingerstr 3, 6301 Pohlheim, GERMANY
PO Box 1172, Nelson, NEW ZEALAND. Ph. 03-5449890. _wwoof...@xtra.co.nz_
Ballymalone, Tuamgraney, Co Clare, EIRIE
Maritimes, RR5, Bridegetown, Nova Scotia B0S 1C0, CANADA
13201 Harding, Sylmar, CA 91342, USA
3231 Hillside Road, Deming, WA 98244, USA
SATIVA, Route 2 box 242-w, Viola, WI 54664, USA
NEWOOF, PO Box 937, Belchertown, MA 01007, USA
MAWOOF, 1601 Lakeside Avenue #607, Richmond, VA 23228, USA
WEEBIO, Chaupreheid 64, 4081 Cherron, BELGIUM
VHH, Garsdalsveg 30, 8800 Viborg, DENMARK
NATUR ET PROGRES, 53 Rue Vaugirord, 75006 Paris, FRANCE
INTEGRAL, Apdo 2580, 08080 Barcelona, SPAIN
APOG, Herman Fossgate 9, 5000 Bergen, NORWAY

Pasporta Servo

A hospitality service for those who speak _Esperanto_
(http://wwwtios.cs.utwente.nl/esperanto/) , or would like to learn. It is coordinated by World
Esperanto Youth Organization (TEJO) and at last count contained some 900
hosts in 70 countries. If you'd like to learn esperanto check out the free
course at:

A search of the Web for Esperanto will turn up a lot of resources and a
lot of esperantists. Alternately you can contact the Universal Esperantists
Association itself:

Universala Esperanto-Asocio
Nieuwe Binnenweg 176i
3015 BJ Rotterdam
email: _...@inter.nl.net_
The club Pasporta Servo is itself at:
Email: _pasporta-se...@esperanto.org_

Amikeca Reto

Another group organised by esperantists, more specifically by the
Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda (S.A.T. - Worldwide association of non-nationalism). It
is more than just a hospitality club, the name is in fact "Friendship
Network", but hospitality is a part of friendship. They can be contacted at:
Rue Viktor Hugo 88
37400 Amboise

Lesbian and Gay Hospitality Exchange International

I think the name says it all ...
_http://www.microtec.net/~lghei_ (http://www.microtec.net/~lghei)
P.O. Box 612, Station "C"
Montreal, Quebec H2L 4K4,

Seniors Abroad

Homestays are ogranised for active people over 50 years of age between the
United States and New Zealand, Australia, Scandinavia and Japan.
12533 Pacato Circle North
San Diego, CA 921128
Ph. (619) 485-1696
Fx. (619) 487-1492

Woman's Hospitality Exchange International Network

A hospitality exchange network aimed purely at women. They appear to have
very rigorous membership control and fairly high fees, attempting to
provide a secure service minimising the risk to the woman travelling alone.
Tel: 1-613-567-3799
Fax: 1-613-234-5916
E-Mail: _...@lightning.ca_
WWW: _http://www.globalx.net/whein/_ (http://www.globalx.net/whein/)

The Warm Shower List

A list of Internet and off Internet persons who have offered their
hospitality towards touring cyclists. The extent of the hospitality depends on the
host and may range from simply a spot to pitch a tent to meals, a warm
(hot!) shower, and a bed. Membership is free.
_http://www.rogergravel.com/wsl/_ (http://www.rogergravel.com/wsl/)

50 Laperriere
Vanier G1M 2Y1
E-mail: _...@rogergravel.com_

Women Welcome Women

A non-profit trust whose objective is to further international friendship
by encouraging and facilitating women of differing nationalities to visit
one another.
Granta, 8a, Chestnut Avenue, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP11 1DJ, UK
2 Michellan Court, Donvale 3111, AUSTRALIA

Earthstewards Network

Organises family to family homestay trips to the ex-USSR, to deliver
peronalised aid packages.
P.O. Box 10697,
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Ph. 206 842 8918

Global Social Venture Network

Organises homestay trips to Poland and Russia.
721 Montecillo Road,
San Rafael, CA 94903,
Ph. 714 752 9036

Das Schlafbuch der ErdbürgerInnen

A German booklet literally "The Sleeping Book for Earth Citizens", this is
a small club of hosts for alternative people. People who share concerns
about "ecology, community (forming), research, environmentally tolerable
forms of society, freedom from violence, alternate lifestyles, ...
researching, working and living." It has a few hundred members in Germany, and can be
obtained for 8 Euros per annum from
Thomas Beutler
P.O. Box 1110
14801 Belzig
Ph. +49-33841-35015


ADFC (Allgemeines Deutches Fahrrad Club - General German Cycling Club) has
a booklet with some 3000 addresses of cycling friends in Germany
(Dachgeber = Roofgiver, or host). It is aimed at touring cyclists.

Wolfgang Reiche
Manteuffelstr. 60
28203 Bremen

Sleeping Booklet

Aimed at touring cyclists. I know no more alas.
Stefan Barthez
Staffelweg 3,

INNter Lodging Co-Op

This doesn't appear to be a hospitality club in the same sense as most on
this list, the rules seem a little odd. Apparently it provides overnight
shelter for members. All members agree to make their homes available for at
least 4 months a year. Members make lodging reservations with host by phone
or mail, preferably 2 weeks in advance. There are apparently some 250-300
in the Uited States and Canada with members in England, Germany,
Switzerland, Belgium, Australia and Indonesia as well. Membership is expensive, in the
order of US$100 to join, $30 per year, plus $5 a night for lodging.
P.O. Box 7044,
Tacoma WA 98407,
Phone: 206-756-0343

Experiment in International Living

Appears to be a home exchange club with a stronger focus on Hospitality
than on exchange. Check it out under _Home Exchange Clubs_
(http://bernd.wechner.info/Travel/Lists/HomeExchangeClubs.html#Experiment) .

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